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Fave Five -OTPs

fave five
Fave Five is something I thought would be fun to do once a week or so. It will be made up of my top five of whatever list I have decided to do that week.  This is my first Fave Five and I decided to choose literary OTPs as my first choice. This was mostly it was one of my QOTD on my bookstagram and there was an overwhelming support for the same couple (who also happened to me my OTP). Now I have to admit my OTP tend to change throughout the year depending on my current obsession. So there is a strong possibility that I could repeat this Fave Five next year with a completely different list. So on with the list!


The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare

There was only one choice for my number one spot at the moment. After binge reading the first three Mortal Instruments the squeal aloud parts belonged purely to Malec. There relationship is written so delicately into the background that sometimes you don’t even notice it. However, their scenes are so beautifully written my heart actually clenches at the adorableness of them. But we cannot forget how bad ass they are. Separate they can kick some serious demon butt. Together they are almost unstoppable.



rose and Alec
A Little Love Song – Michelle Magorian

So my second pairing also includes an Alec. A Little Love Song is my all time favourite book. I will read it at least once a year and will always go back to it if I need a feel good read. Rose and Alec will always be in top 5 OTPs. They are pretty much what I hope to be in a relationship. Alec is so caring and calm which balances out Rose’s headstrong and determined personality. But what they both have in common is their willingness to help others and each other. They always have each others back, always pushing each other to follow their dreams. You can’t find a sweeter couple.


cath & levi
Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

Fans of Fangirl will definitely agree with my third choice; Cath and Levi. Cath is the fictional character I relate to the most. She is basically a flailing fangirl who loves to read and write fanfiction. That was definitely me at more than one point in my life. The best thing about Levi is that instead of making fun of her for not wanting to go wild at College he encourages her slashy fanfiction and nerdy ways. In fact he can be just as nerdy a her. Dance party anyone???



infernal devices
Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare

Well these guys are more of a threesome than a pairing but it is impossible to choose between Tessa & Will and Tessa & Jem (and I wish Jem & Will). Both couples deserve to be in my Fave Five. Although Will and Jem are as different as two people can be they have two things in common; their dedication to each other and their feelings for Tessa. However, each of them were willing to give up their chance with Tessa if it meant the other one was happy. Bromance of the century anyone? No matter who Tessa chooses she would end up with someone who cares about her and would be willing to do anything for her.


brandon and marianne
Sense and Sensibility – Jane Austen

Marianne may have taken a while to see Colonel Brandon but she was his world from the moment he laid eyes on her. I wanted to scream when Marianne kept looking past him to the younger, but less loving, Willoughby. Luckily my anguish did not last long as heroic Brandon carried her through the rain and fell into her heart. Yay!!




So there we go! That is my first Fave Five! I hope you enjoyed reading it.  You may have noticed there was no Harry Potter couples in there but that was because I couldn’t choose between all of the pairings. So I decided I would do a separate Harry Potter OTP Fave Five.

So who would be at the top of your OTP list?


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