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So no one tagged me in this tag but it popped up on my instagram and I couldn’t resist.The tag I saw was started by @Fandomness_life on instagram. You should go check them out for fandom goodness! There isn’t any major spoilers in this post. So here I go.

1. The Infernal Devices or The Mortal Instruments?

I’m going to have to go with TID. Just because I read that first and it’s what got me to fall in love with the Shadowhunters universe to begin with. Although I am half way through TMI so once I finished that my answer could possibly change.

2. OTP?

Malec!!!! Easy choice. They are adorable!!

3. If you could marry any character which one?

Well my first choice would be Magnus but I don’t want to rip him away from Alec so I think I would choose Jem.

4. What downworlder would you want to be?

I think a warlock. I just love the idea of having powers. Although I am not sure about some of their warlock features. Hopefully I would get eyes like Magnus or coloured hair rather than talons.

5. Favourite moment from TMI/TID?

I’m only half way through TMI but it has to be when Malec are kissing before battle and Mia says  “Wait a second,” she said. “Do we all have to do that, too?”
This had me giggling aloud.

6. What Shadowhunter family would you be in?

I’d choose Lightwoods. I would love to have Alec and Isabelle as my siblings. They are so bad ass.

7. Jace or Will?


8. Wessa or Jessa?

I can honestly not choose. She was meant for both of them!!

9. Which character would you bring back to life?

I’m going to hold my answer to that question until I finish all the books.

10. What character would you want to be your best friend?

I’d want to be bffs with Magnus. Can you imagine the conversations (and the gossiping).

So there we go. Feel free to do this tag yourself and comment the link below so I check it out!



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