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March Fairyloot Unboxing

FL unboxing

So today I received the gorgeous Fairyloot subscription box. Fairyloot was created by book blogger, Anissa, go check out her blog here. This is the first subscription box I have ever ordered and I was definitely not disappointed. Each Fairyloot box will have a theme and this months theme was Retelling.

For starters the box is so pretty with it’s cute Fairy logo and purple confetti. The first box was white but after this the rest of the boxes will be black so I was happy that I bought the first box. As an added bonus the March box was 50% since it was the first one.Β DSC_0726

So the first thing I pulled out of the box was The Mortal Instruments candle made by MurrayMayDesigns. This was definitely a great way to start my unboxing because I am a huge TMI fan! I actually started the Shadowhunter tv show last night, so I was already in TMI fangirl mode. So finding this in this box was amazing!


Next up was an adorable Alice in Wonderland necklace. I’m always wishing I can buy book related jewelry, so I loved this necklace. The necklace is by BunnysBeadsUK.


The next great discovery in this box was a Throne of Glass magnetic bookmark set from TheStickerAlley. I recently just finished ToG so I was really happy to have bookmarks to go with the books.


Next we have this gorgeous star constellations notebook fromΒ NewtonAndTheApple. I love stationary and have always been a fan of astronomy so this notebook was perfect.


After a Β bit of rummaging I found this lovely little badge among the confetti. It is from ButtonNook and I desperately need to find somewhere to put it where people can see it.


And last but at no means least, this month’s Fairyloot book of choice The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury (plus a bookmark and signed bookplate!). I have to admit I hadn’t heard about this book before but when I read the description I quickly released it was right up my alley. It is a retelling of Aladdin which one of my all time favourite stories, so I am really excited to read it. Plus as an added bonus it is not even released in the UK yet.


Overall Review:


Overall I think Anissa did an amazing job. Especially taking into account this was the first box. The book was a great choice and every item had a lot of thought behind it. There was even a secret card inside with hashtag on it so you could search for your reading buddy on instagram/twitter who has the same hashtag. Mine is #Fairylootchimera. So if you are out there fellow Chimera come find me πŸ™‚ There will also be a FairyChat on the 9th April at 9pm GMT on twitter which the author of the book will be taking part in. So I am really excited for that!

All in all the packaging was good and all of the products were amazing. The only downside was that I almost got spoiled multiple times on twitter where people received theirs before me and were posting pictures.

Rating – 9/10



8 thoughts on “March Fairyloot Unboxing

  1. Oooh man, I’m so tempted. But their April “inspiration” theme leaves to much to the imagination, but the more I look into her and her tastes the more I’m convinced I will love it. Wonderful post – thank you for sharing!! πŸ˜€

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