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Burn, Rewrite, or Reread Book Tag

burn, rewrite or reread

I saw this tag on Wonderfilled Reads blog and it looked liked so much fun I had to give it a try. So here are the rules:

  • Randomly choose 3 books (Tip: Use the “Sort > Random” option on your Goodreads’ Read shelf.).
  • For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (a lot like Kiss, Marry, Kill).
  • Repeat until you completed three rounds (or five)

Round One

Burn: The 19th Wife. I found this book very difficult to get through. I often went chapters skimming through before I realised I hadn’t taken anything in.

Rewrite: I think Captain John Emmett. It was a good book but there were some parts where I had to push to keep reading.

Reread: I would reread Her Fallen Angel. It’s a quick read and I read it in a few hours. I always enjoy this series.

Round Two

Burn:The Night Falling. I did like this book but out of the three this had my lowest rating.

Rewrite: Romeo and Juliet. I would love a rewrite of this, maybe in a modern setting. I think that would be interesting.

Reread: So I would reread Night Embrace. I love all of the Dark-Hunter series and would love to reread it once I finally finish it.

Round Three

Burn: This is a hard choice but I would have to go with The Little Stranger. Out of the three I can’t really remember what happened in this one, which shows the story didn’t really stay in my mind.

Rewrite: I would rewrite some parts of City of Ashes. It’s a great book. To be honest the only thing I would rewrite is adding more Magnus Bane 🙂

Reread: I loved The Help!! And I don’t say this often but I loved the film just as much as the book.

So I tag:

The Calico Books
The Book Llama

I also tag anyone who wants to do it. Comment below with your links so I can check it out.



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