Discussion: #FairyChat


So last night was the first #FairyChat over on Twitter. The chat was hosted by the amazing Anissa the creator of the Fairyloot monthly subscription book. You can check out my unboxing of the first ever Fairyloot box here

On the second Saturday of every month there will be a #FairyChat to discuss the book from that month’s box. There are absolutely no spoilers and you don’t have to have read the book to take part. It is just a bunch of booklovers getting together and having an interesting chat on a Saturday night.

This month’s book was The Forbidden Wish by Jessica Khoury. This book is a retelling of Aladdin, which for me is a reason to read the book by itself. I spent most of my childhood watching Aladdin and I am so excited to read this book. We were even lucky enough to have the author take part in the chat which was a lot of fun. It was an easy way to ask an amazing author questions we may have had. Jessica was lovely and was eager to answer everyone’s questions.

On top of the fun discussions we had Anissa included two jaw dropping giveaways. The first was a Hardback copy of The Forbidden Wish, signed book-plate and bookmark. The lucky winner of this giveaway was HillsofBooks. The next giveaway was a free April Fairyloot box (or a May one if April box was already ordered). I have to admit this is the one I was hoping to win. However, it wasn’t meant to be (maybe next month). The winner of the free box was Rubysbooks

So as you can probably tell I had a blast night. I met loads of great new bibliophiles as well as loads of new instagrams, blogs and twitter accounts to follow.

The next #FairyChat is on May 8th. Come join us! You don’t have to have bought the box to take part. Although I really do think you should go check out Fairyloot. It is an amazing box and you get so many great items! Just to warn you there are only a handful of boxes left this month.

Well I better stop rambling and sign off lol. If you took part in the chat comment and let me know what you thought. 


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