Friday Face-Off

Friday Face-Off #1

Friday Face-off

The Friday Face-Off is a meme created by Books by Proxy. The aim of this meme is to compare the UK and US of a book. This weeks themes is cities. Unfortunately I could not think of one book that has a city on it (I know really bad). So I looked at the previous themes and decided to choose ‘A cover that features a dragon’. For this theme I chose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

                                          UK Cover                                                        US Cover

goblet of fire UK                  goblet-of-fire-us-edition

Both covers have Harry on a broom and a dragon but that seems to be where the similarities end. They have very different colours and illustration style. I feel like the UK cover seems to fit the scene better as the US cover seems to have Harry looking very calm and collected. However, I do prefer the colour scheme used in the US edition. The writing is quite boring on the UK edition. I also don’t like the blue font on the red background.

Personally I prefer the US edition. I find the illustration and font more eye-catching. I wish I had this version.


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2 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off #1

  1. I love this idea! I prefer the UK cover because it’s the one I had as a kid. I guess Canada got the same covers as the UK? I know certain words were changed in the US one for better understanding so I guess it makes sense.


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