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April Fairyloot Unboxing

FL unboxing

So I came home from work to find April’s Fairyloot box. Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it. This was pretty much me when I saw the box waiting for me.

happy dance

This month’s theme was Intrigue and intrigued is definitely how I would describe how I have been feeling since I ordered the box. So let’s start with the box itself. This month was the beginning of the sleek, black box. It is gorgeous! And to add to the aesthetic look there was a Neil Gaiman quote on the side of the box. There was also a really pretty sheet that tells you what is in the box (plus they make pretty posters).

So this month’s book of choice was The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead. This was a great choice in my eyes because I had just added it to my TBR list a few days ago (don’t you love when that happens?).

The first amazing bookish item was an Effie Trinket vinyl POP Funko figure! She is my first Hunger Games POP. I have been meaning to begin my Hunger Games collection so this was the perfect Funko to find hidden under all the purple confetti. There were 4 different Hunger Games Funkos were sent out. Which one did you get?

The next item I was super excited about. There had been hints that there would be an exclusive item by BehindThePages and you guys know how much I love Gina’s store. You may recognise her store from my first Sunday Spotlight. So drum roll please… It’s a Glittering Court Poster! It’s so beautiful. I cannot wait to use it in my photos and find a place of pride for it.

Now one of the things I have been seriously lacking, and have wanted more of, is pretty candles. And again I was not disappointed. There was a Vanilla Bean Scented Intrigue Candle. It smells delicious! I can already picture myself curled up with a book with this gorgeous candle burning next to me (that’s my Friday night planned).


I’m going to say two words. Promo goodies. Two words a bibliophile loves to hear. I was lucky enough to receive a preview of The Wrath & The Dawn, an exclusive glittering court bookmark and a temporary gem tattoo. The bookmark is stunning and the tattoos are so glittery! It’s not often that you see book tattoos so I thought this were an unusual choice. I can’t wait to give them a try.

The same as last month we were given a special hashtag to helps us find our reading buddy. This month my special hashtag is…


Are you out there #FairylootNeptune???

Well there we go. My second Fairyloot unboxing is over. Overall Anissa did an amazing job yet again. She picked an intriguing book (see what I did there?) and chose bookish items that will appeal to everyone. An added bonus is how quickly it arrived. It was dispatched Monday and was here three days later! Which means no spoilers this month!!

I hope you enjoyed my unboxing and if I have managed to intrigue you to purchasing a Fairyloot box then go check out the website. May’s theme is High Fantasy which is the perfect theme. I have already subscribed 🙂 There is also a Fairyloot Chat on May 8th at 9pm GMT on twitter if you would like to take part. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t purchased the box or read the book. Anyone is welcome. We had a lot of fun this month. You can read about the chat here.

Rating – 10/10


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