Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

Last weekend I emerged from my reading nook and took a little trip into the world. Yes I left my room and went outside! I can barely believe it either. But the sun was shining and I had the urge for some nature fill bookstagram pics. So with my canvas bag, containing 5 carefully picked books, on my shoulder I stepped outside and began my journey. Now as I am lucky enough to live on the coast there was only one place I could begin my journey, especially since Rebel of the Sands was burning a hole in my canvas bag. The Beach! I managed to walk along a pebbled beach, stare out to sea and take a lot of sand filled pictures, all whilst desperately trying to not draw the attention of my fellow beach walkers. I admit I did get some weird looks but look how fab the pics are!

I then moved on from the crashing waves of the sea to the beautiful lake, located only a few meters from the pebbled beach. Here you could find me attempting to photograph moving swans and using some old ruined shelters to provide a Gothic look. Again picture me waiting for people to pass so I could take some quick snaps without judgement.

After a leisurely stroll around the lake I found myself in a beautiful park nearby. There were plenty of trees that were just begging to have a photo session with some Miss Peregrine’s books.

And here is the end of my 2 hours spent in nature armed with just some books and my camera phone. Hope you enjoyed my little journey.

Happy Earth Day my little Wolf cubs!!


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