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Book Lovers Takeover – Adaptations (Part 2)

book lovers takeover 2

So here is the second part of the Book Lovers Takeover!!

Cintia – Twitter @booksreflection

 Most of the time no, I don’t. I’m almost always disappointed by the cast and think that they don’t actually match the character I had in my head. This is mostly for trilogies or book series that then become 3 or 4 movies and I just feel that they’re overdoing it! It seems to me that it starts being more about the actors and fangirling over them than the actual books and the characters.

However, I do quite like stand alone book adaptations. One I’m really looking forward to is Me Before You. Even though I don’t think it will do the book justice, I still think I will love it! The same thing happened with the book thief.

Angélique – Twitter @BibliEnBlog
It’s a difficult question to answer but there is one sure thing : when a find out that a book I loved is going to be made into series or movie I am ALWAYS thrilled. It’s always with pure joy that I welcome a world and characters I loved on paper onto a screen version.

As for, Do I think movies or series do them justice, I would respond : most of the time. (yeah it’s not a clear YES or a big NO, I’m in between haha)

As much as I like being able to watch something I imagined and loved on television I also understand that those are two very different worlds. I understand all details cannot be brought to the screen, that actors will not perfectly look like the way I imagined them to or even that the world I imagined will not be showed the way I wanted it to be.

But all in all I usually tend to enjoy watching movies or series from books I’ve read. I also think that the author -most of the time- gave approval for what is happening, and if he or she is ok with what’s happening who I am to judge, after all it is THEIR book, it doesn’t matter if my imagination disagrees.

So yes, most of the time I would say I am quite happy with the results and I do tend to think that they try to respect the books and do them justice.


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Thank you so much ladies for these amazing answers! I agree I picked a tricky question because if I am being honest I am finding it difficult to think of an answer. But I think overall I am usually one of those annoying people you will here moaning on their way out of the cinema about the film adding or missing parts out. However, this is usually if it is a series that I absolutely love. For example, I always thought there were a lot of things left out of Harry Potter that, as a reader, I thought were important. But when I asked non-readers of the book they didn’t think they effect the films in any way. They were able to follow the storyline without them. I think that is the problem if you love the book. The adaptation will usually not add up to it.

Well there we go. I hope you enjoyed my first Book lovers Takeover. I will hopefully be running another one soon so keep an eye out on my twitter and bookstagram for details. Thank you again to the stunning ladies who took part and please feel free to leave your answer to the question in the comments.

Enjoy the rest of your evening (or whatever time it is where you are) wolf cubs.

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