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Book Lovers Takeover – Adaptations (Part 1)

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So I reached out to my fellow book lovers on bookstagram and twitter to ask if they would be willing to answer a fun question for a blog post. I was lucky enough to have a bunch of the sweetest ladies agree to take part. So I want to thank them again for being so amazing!! I have linked their instagram/twitter so please go check out their accounts and show them support. I really appreciate them giving up a little bit of their time to help me with my post.

I have had to do the post in 2 parts since the answers were so in depth which I love and I hope you do to. So click on the link at the bottom to read the next par.


The question I asked them was:

Do you think TV/movie adaptations do the book justice?

Aimee – Instagram @aimee_reads23
I think there are some movies and TV shows that have done the books they’re based on justice but then there are those, like Shadowhunters, that have just ruined the original story. I had to stop watching it was so bad. It wasn’t just that they went in their own direction but the acting is horrible and the writing just cheesy. If I had kept watching I think it would have ruined the books for me.

I think the problems we have with these adaptations are our expectations are too high and they (the showrunners or writers or whoever) can’t fit everything into a movie. For example, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. There was so much left out of that movie and the book is bigger than Deathly Hallows and that was split into two movies. I still love the movies but the books are definitely better.

And lastly, there are some TV shows (or one off the top of my head) that are so much better than the books. I saw the first season of The Vampire Diaries before I read the books (I’d never heard of them before) and I think I read four or five before I was like “I’m done.” I don’t know if the show ruined the books for me but I don’t think so. I didn’t like Elena in the show and book Elena was so much worse! Even Stefan and Damon and I love them both in the show but I just couldn’t in the books. And Klaus was killed really early on too so there was no Elijah, Rebekah and Kol. Anyway, TV show in this instance is so much better. But you won’t hear me saying that a lot.

Mia- Instagram @cosyreads
Do movie? TV adaptations do the book justice? Well that completely depends on the adaptation! I usually always prefer the book. Maybe I’m just loyal to books and reading above all other kinds of media, but let’s be honest, we all know books are better! What has surprised me is how much I love certain adaptations of books. Game of Thrones and Outlander spring to mind. I feel like both do justice to the original and I end up loving the TV show as much as the book. Plus seeing Jon Snow in the flesh? Hot! And don’t even get me started on Jamie Fraser… Then there are the disappointments. For me, Shadowhunters just didn’t cut it. I did feel this was unfair as they obviously had a lower budget than a show like GoT, but it just felt cheesy to me. I want magic I can believe in, not cringe at.

Overall, I tend to prefer TV adaptations to movies. Something about seeing the characters develop over time and spending hours waiting to see when your OTP will 0nly kiss… For me it feels closer to the experience of reading a book.

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So there is the first part of the Book Lovers Takeover. Click here to read more amazing answers.

Thanks for reading my little wolf cubs (I know I am no longer NerdyWolfReads but I still want you guys to be my adorable little wolf cubs!)
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