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Alienated Review

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Title: Alienated
Author: Melissa Landers
Publisher: Disney Hyperion
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult

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So I read this as part of a buddy read with the amazing Shelbie (go check out her amazing instagram). So as you can guess from the title the book has an alien theme. Cara is handpicked to be apart of the L’eihr student exchange programme. Not only does she get the perfect scholarship, but she gets an all access pass to how the newly discovered L’eihrs live. Although human and L’eihrs have almost identical DNA, Cara couldn’t see the similarities when she meets Aelyx. He is cold, emotionless and more intellectual than any human could hope to be. However, when it hoards of people get swept up in the anti-L’eihr campaign, what seemed like the path to an alliance between the two species because dangerous to all involved.

I have never read a book containing aliens before and to be honest I was expecting a lot of cliché “We come in peace” sort of alien encounter. Boy was I wrong. It would seem Landers’ interpretation of aliens is less little green men…


and more hunky, brunette pieces of man candy.

doctor who

Of course there was more to this book than just good-looking aliens. There was also love, betrayal, treason. You name it, this book had it. Including a leading lady that any girl would want to look up to. Cara is strong, independent and fiercely loyal. She stands by what she believes in no matter what anyone thinks of her. She tosses threats against her life aside and stands by her beliefs. She chooses to do what she believes is the right thing, even if that means loosing everything she has spent her school life earning including her best friend and boyfriend. If you like snarky, strong female protagonists then I think this book is definitely for you.

You may have guessed that there is a little romance between out leading characters and trust me when I say there are some seriously hot scenes you are going to want to read! Don’t worry it doesn’t cross over into Erotica, but some steamy make-out sessions that will make you wish you had a L’eihr of your own. Add the interesting scientific history of the L’ehir, including cloning and advanced technology.

So as you have probably guessed from my raving rambling I loved this book! In fact as soon as I finished it I regretted not buying the next one in advanced. I’m still kicking myself about that. However, I should have the next one soon. So I will finally find out how Cara and Aelyx’s story ends. This book was sweet, action packed, techie and all thing sci-fiy good. If you are a lover of sci-fi or YA then go check it out.

Rating – 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5

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