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Demon Road Review

demon road
Title: Demon Road
Author: Derek Landy
Publisher: Harper Collins Children’s Book
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Paranormal

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I received Demon Road for free from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

I am a huge fan of paranormal reads but this book was a little out there even for me. I liked the idea of the book and some parts had real promise but there was just something that stopped me fully engaging with the book. I believe the main reason for this were the characters. I found the heroine, Amber, to be dull and completely flat character and since she is a demon that is saying a lot. The only thing that saved her, in my opinion, was her relationship with the mother figure in her life (Imelda). Other than this Amber did not seem to have any chemistry with the characters. Despite spending most of the book travelling with two of them, and being in life or death situations fighting alongside them. Although I did like that she was the normal everyday heroine she isn’t some stick-thin, perfect looking, bad ass like most YA heroines. This being said this was short-lived because Lardy made her look perfect in her demon form and for some reason everyone just focused on how beautiful her demon even when she was ripping them apart.

However, I did enjoy reading about Milo. Although I think this maybe because he had a Dean Winchester thing about him. A bad boyish persona but fiercely loyal with an unhealthy relationship with his car. Doesn’t that sound like Dean Winchester to anyone else?? The more I read Milo the more I pictured Dean Winchester driving them along the Demon Road in the Impala. Milo is also just as impressive at stopping Supernatural creatures as the Winchester’s are.

 dean winchester.gif

I’m not saying there weren’t any positive points to this book. I loved the sass and sarcastic comments flying about. I also enjoyed that this book doesn’t tip toe around the extreme. Landy was definitely not looking to be safe. He steps over the line into shocking and doesn’t look back. These shocking and admittedly sometimes violent parts were what kept me reading so that I could find out what happens next.

I have got the next in the series to read and I definitely will read it. Although I am as intrigued by Amber as I usually am for protagonists, I still have a need to find out how it will end for her.

Overall I would give this 3 – 3.5 stars.


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