Harry Potter: Next Generation Part 1


I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter and to be honest I decided that I do not have enough HP related posts on my blog. So here is the first of many! It was a difficult decision to choose where to start but in the end, with all the Cursed Child hype, I decided to go with Next Generation.

Now I don’t know about you guys but the epilogue has always been the one thing about the series that I didn’t quite agree with. I would have been happier with the book ending after the battle and being left to my own imagination about what happens next. But we did get given the epilogue (unfortunately for the film; What was with that make up?!)  and along with it the names of the next generation of the Potter World. So I thought I may as well make the most of what we were given and have fun deciding who I think would be the perfect actors to play all of our favourite wizard’s children. It ended up being a lot more difficult than I thought it would be and I wanted to change my mind numerous times (and I probably will in the future) but here is who I chose.

Harry & Ginny’s Children

James Potter   Albus Potter   Lily Potter

James Sirius Potter – Aaron Taylor Johnson
Albus Severus Potter – Dylan O’Brien
Lily Luna Potter – Jane Levy

Hermione & Ron’s Children

Rose Weasley     Hugo Weasley

Rose Weasley – Emma Stone
Hugo Weasley – Logan Lerman

Remus & Tonk’s Son

Teddy Lupin

Teddy Lupin – Andrew Garfield

Draco & Astoria’s Son

Scorpuis Malfoy

So what do you guys think? Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices? Let me know below. I will post a second part to this in the future with the rest of the next generation but feel free to comments your choices for George, Bill, Percy and Luna’s children. I know I am going to need a lot of inspiration to choose the right choices for them.

Talk soon fellow Potterheads!




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