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Read Me Like A Book Review

Read me like a book
Title: Read Me Like A Book
Author: Liz Kessler
Publisher: Indigo
Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary

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This was my first MaximumPop win so I was excited to read and review for them. However, I didn’t enjoy reading this book as much as I thought I would. But before you write this book off because of that comment let me explain. It has nothing to do with the writing. Liz Kessler is a great author who can write realistic and relate-able characters.

Ashleigh Walker has a lot to deal with; college, her parents fighting and falling in love with her teacher. Did I mention that her teacher is a woman? This is story of a young woman discovering who she is and trying to find her way in the world.

I really love the idea of this book, however I think it is aimed at younger readers. Readers who can relate to Ashleigh in a way that I found very difficult. I think this may be because I work in a school myself and found the feelings Ashleigh had for her teacher a little disturbing. Mostly because I couldn’t stop thinking of the consequences the relationship would lead to if it were to happen. It is also partly because I have obviously gone way past my teenage years and did not face any of the struggles Ashleigh did, so found it a little difficult to put myself in her shoes.

But as I said before don’t take this review as a negative one. Just because I couldn’t connect with the story doesn’t mean other readers won’t. I believe a lot of people would enjoy this book, especially teenagers, who I think this is aimed more at. There are many young people who could relate to Ashleigh and even take comfort from her.

Rating – 2.5/5

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5 thoughts on “Read Me Like A Book Review

    1. It’s not the book. If I looked at it objectively it is really well written. I just think my job and age just made it an awkward read for me. But don’t let my review dishearten you. Like I said the writing is really well done.


    1. Maximum pop is a website that keeps you up to date with recen book, film, music releases and general entertainment gossip. But they have a really good book part. If you follow maximum pop books on Twitter there is always great giveaways. You sometimes have to review the books once you get them though.


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