Sunday Spotlight

May’s Sunday Spotlight

Sunday Spotlight

I cannot believe it has been a month already since my last Sunday Spotlight. If you didn’t see my last one I’ll quickly explain what it is. One Sunday a month I will shine a spotlight on a bookish shop/product that I believe deserves recognition for its great product. This month I have chosen Susanne’s Art. Susanne is an amazing artist who sells her designs on Etsy and Society6. Her designs are gorgeous! My favourites are her Harry Potter designs.

I bought the two designs above and I love them! The picture on my mug is the Marauders. I was so happy when I saw this design as this is my favourite Harry Potter era. I am still holding out for J.K bringing out a Marauders book. My cushion features the Golden and Silver Trio. You can also get similar designs on a number of other bookish merchandise including totes, art prints, pouches, t-shirts, clocks among other things. Her etsy store has a few of her designs that you can have on bookmarks. Her ‘Reading Fictional Characters’ designs are amazing.

To check out more of Susanne’s amazing designs click on the links below. Trust me you will not be sorry. Her designs are gorgeous, the products great quality and shipping is reasonable. What more can you ask for?


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