Characters I Am Most Like

A few months ago I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and you wouldn’t believe how many times I thought ‘That is so me!’ as I read more and more about Cath. I have never read a character that I believed could swap bodies with me and no one would notice the difference. Which got me thinking about what other characters am I like? Here are my top 4 choices.
Cath1. Cath – Fangirl
Obviously you saw this coming. I just think Cath represents my nerdy fangirl side that, honestly, I thought would disappear as I got older but has just seemed to grow.




2. Hermione – Harry PotterHermione
Like Hermione I am a stickler for following the rules and doing the right thing. I work in a school and I sometimes feel Hermioniesque when the kids are breaking rules and I scold them. “You could have gotten us killed. Or worse..expelled!”



3. Katniss – Hunger Games
I think I am like Katniss earlier on in the series. I would do anything for my family and sometimes feel like I am watching out for all of them (typical oldest child). I also don’t focus too much on relationships and prefer making sure I am living my life and that my family are happy and healthy.



4. Rose – A Little Love Song Β Rose
Rose is very independent and was very mature for her age. My mum said that I was born 30. I think it is because I love to read (something else I have in common with Rose) from a young age. Rose also doesn’t let failures and other people’s opinions stop her from per suing her dreams, a similarity I hope we continue to have.




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