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May Nerdy Bookworm Unboxing

Nerdy Bookworm

You have seen my unboxing of the Mini Harry Potter Box and now here is Nerdy Bookworm’s main May box. NBW is a monthly Sic-fi/Fantasy bookish subscription box. Every month you receive a new Science Fiction or Fantasy box along with several themed bookish goodies. I will start by disclosing that I am a rep for this company but that doesn’t sway my opinion on the box. In fact it means I get to offer you guys a 10% discount code. Just use READ10 at the counter and you will receive 10% off your box!! Now onto the unboxing.

This month’s theme was ‘Wicked Games’ which was described as having a Game of Thrones feel which you will completely understand by the end of this post. The box itself has a cute Nerdy Owl design which I love and the bright blue colour is so cheerful.

The Book

First of all I want to point how adorable the book wrapping was. The twine and button were such a nice touch. This month’s book was Flamecaster by Cinda Williams Chima. I have to admit I have not seen this book before but after reading the synopsis I am really looking forward to it. It is a fantasy with magic and vindictive Kings. I couldn’t ask for more in a book.



This Reader of Dragons tote is my first ever book tote! So you can imagine how happy I was when I pulled this from the box, especially since I am a huge Daenerys Targaryen fan. This tote is an exclusive design by Nerdy Bookworm Box which just makes it an even better bookish goody. I cannot wait to use this at YALC this year!



I have seen pencils like this before and have always wanted one. This Use The Pointy End pencil was created by Pobble and Ping and personally I think it is hilarious.



There were three stunning bookmarks illustrated by RemHeathIllustration. I received the Arya one which I was very happy with as she is one of my favourite Game of Thrones characters. I find her storyline with the Faceless Men so interesting. I am not sure what the other two designs were but I am really looking forward to seeing them since this design was so beautiful. Let me know which one you received!


As a lover of bookmarks I was ecstatic to see that there were two bookmarks in this box. The second was a gorgeous sword design created exclusively for Nerdy Bookworm Box by SkinnyHues. I have always admired SkinnyHues’ designs so I am so happy to finally have one of my own. Especially one as beautiful as this.



It is a little difficult to see in this picture but this necklace has adorable dragon and sword charms created by Golightly. It is so well crafted and a beautiful addition to my bookish jewellery.



The last bookish goodie is this amazing Tyrion Lannister quote designed by Harknett Prints. This is one of my favourite quoted from the series so I enjoyed adding this print to my Game of Thrones shelf. And yes I do have a whole shelf for my GoT books and merchandise.Ā 

Overall I loved this box. I am a huge Game of Thrones fans so all of the bookish goodies were perfect. This is a great box for Fantasy and Sci-Fi lovers, especially if you live in the UK because shipping is then free! However, shipping outside of the UK is very reasonable and win my opinion worth it. I am really looking forward to the next box which has the theme ‘Dark Magic’ which sounds completely magical!

Rating – 9/10

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