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A Darker Shade of Magic Review

a darker shade of magic
Title: A Darker Shade of Magic
Author: V.E. Schwab
Publisher: Tor Books
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult

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Kell lives is one of only two people who can travel between parallel words that all seem to have their own version of London. Some of them have more magic than others, but no matter how much or how little they have, magic is still a danger to all of them.

Kell moves between the worlds passing messages from one member of royalty to another. However, he also smuggles other objects across the worlds, going against the laws set centuries ago. His need for trinkets leads him to Lila and to dangers neither of them could ever imagine happening.

I chose this book to kick-start my YALC reading marathon and I am so glad I did. I LOVED this book! First of all the plot was so unique. I mean come on multiple Londons, how great is that? I didn’t even get confused thanks to Kell’s ingenious naming of them. I always knew which London Schwab talking about because although they had the same name they were all very unique.

The next thing I adored about this book was the characters. I have to tell you know I fell a little in love with Kell. He may be my new book boyfriend. He is adorable, strong and fiercely loyal. However, you don’t know a lot about where he was from since he doesn’t know either courtesy of a memory charm. So I am really looking forward to finding out more about his past. But for now I am content to just know about him in the present time. It didn’t hinder the plot in any way so I am assuming it is something that will be explored in later books. Furthermore, I was do busy fangirling over Lila. A badass from Grey London who goes against society and wants to be a pirate sailing the sea rather someone’s doting wife. Throughout the book she seeks adventure and pretends that she doesn’t care about anyone (trust me we know that’s not true!). It was refreshing to have a female protagonist who just wants to live her life the way she wants to.

“I’d rather die on an adventure than live standing still.”

This quote is basically Lila through and through and there was something just so lovable about it.

There isn’t a lot of romance in this book but I think that’s because it is so action-packed the characters didn’t stop long enough to really think about romance. However, this did not take away from my enjoyment of the book. There were too many things happening that I didn’t notice until reflecting afterwards. I have the next book ready to read and I am really looking forward to see what those two get into next. If this is what happened in book one I can’t imagine how much danger they put themselves in during the second.

Overall an amazing read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves a magical story.

I’ll just leave you with one last comment. I need Kell’s coat! It would save so much closet space!

Rating – 4/5

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3 thoughts on “A Darker Shade of Magic Review

  1. AHH SUPER HAPPY to see that you enjoyed this book! I loved it as well, and I completely agree that it was just so action-packed. It’s funny – I too had that ending comment about wanting Kell’s coat on my review. It’d save so much closet space and it’ll be SO convenient. 😛

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  2. Yes, I definitely would want to have Kell’s coat as well. It’s seriously awesome. I really enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic too, and I was so happy to jump into A Gathering of Shadows because I wanted more of Kell and Lila and the multiple Londons. Now I find myself having to wait for the third book.


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