Amazon Wishlists


At least once a week you will probably witness an amazon package landing on my doorstep. In fact my post man has started making comments about how many books seem to be delivered to my door. So as you can guess I am a huge fan of shopping on amazon. One of the ways I organise my Amazon purchases is by using wishlists. So I though I would put together a  quick why you should use Amazon Wishlists post. I am a big believer in these lists, I have found them extremely helpful. They are very easy to set up and are really worth using. Here are a few reasons why…

  1. You can create different lists. Personally I have one each for books, kindle books, dvds, and miscellaneous. However, you can organise your lists any way you want. Maybe a list for each book genre or a list for different people to choose from for your birthday/Christmas. I am a huge fan of organising so having these wishlists is the perfect way to give a bit of order to my crazy Amazon shopping need. Thank you Amazon!thank you
  2. It tells you if the item has gone down in price. If I see that a book is suddenly 50% off you can bet that bad boy is going straight in my basket. yes
  3. It is a good way to remind you of a book (or other item) that you may forget you want later on when you may get a bit of extra cash to spend.money
  4. It stops you spending money you don’t have. Creating wishlists is a lot like window shopping. If you have the urge to search amazon but know you are on a book buying ban add it to your wishlist instead of your basket. You have the satisfaction of knowing it is only one click away if you have money to spare but your wallet doesn’t hate you at that moment. thumbs up

Well there we go. A few reasons why Amazon wishlists are a must for book lovers. Do you use wishlists? How do you organise yours?

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