YALC 2016 Schedule


I am so excited to go to YALC in July. Myself and my partner in crime were planning our weekend yesterday. We are determined to be organised as it is our first time going and we want don’t want to miss a thing.

You can find the full schedule here but below is what I am hoping to go to.

Friday 29th July

11:00 – Behind the magic: exploring magical systems in fantasy YA
How do authors go about creating magical worlds and convincing magical systems                in their writing? Four leading fantasy authors, Sally Green, Taran Matharu,                                Melinda Salisbury and V E Schwab, take us behind the scenes to explore how magic                works in their books with host Marc Aplin of Fantasy-Faction.

15:00 – Fantasy London: Samantha Shannon, Ben Aaranovitch, V.E.Schwab
Three of the biggest names in fantasy fiction today come together for a panel                           discussion exploring their writing, and their alternative visions of London with                       host Katherine Webber.

Saturday 30th July

10:00 – Join the Rebellion! Resistance and protest in YA – Alwyn Hamilton, Julie                             Mayhew, Simon Mayo.
Debate the themes of political protest and resistance in YA writing with host Anna                 James, literary editor at Elle Magazine. Come along and join the rebellion!

13:00 – YALC founder Malorie Blackman is joined by authors James Smythe andEugene                   Lambert for a discussion about the out-of-this-world settings of their YA science-                fiction novels hosted by the Guardian’s Emily Drabble

15.00 – Top horror authors Dawn Kurtagich, Derek Landy, Alex Scarrow and Darren Shan                discuss the books, movies and TV shows that have inspired their writing, with host               David O’Callaghan.

Sunday 31st July

10:00 – From screen to page: films and creative writing with Catherine Doyle (Workshop)

14:00 – Maggie Stiefvater! Maggie will be interviewed by Katherine Webber about her                        magical Raven Cycle, including the final book in the series, The Raven King.

15:00 – Harry Potter Party!
Bringing YALC to a close, join us to celebrate Harry Potter’s birthday and the                             publication of The Cursed Child with our fun Potter Party, in partnership with                         MuggleNet. Take part in a whole host of Potter-themed activities, join in our                           cosplay competition, and compete to win the House Cup.

So there we go. That is what I am hoping to do at YALC. Fingers Crossed!! I am also hoping to meet all my amazing online bookish friends in person. Since Thursday was, unfortunately, cancelled there is a meet up if anyone would like to joining myself and a few bibliophiles. We will be discussing YALC, books and generally just having a fun get together. Checkout the event page on facebook.

If you have any tips for YALC I would love to know. I plan on having a page full of links to posts/videos that give advice for the weekend.

What is your favourite part of the YALC weekend??

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