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May – The month of subscription boxes

In May I somehow found myself receiving not one, not two but THREE book subscription boxes; NerdyBookwormBox, Fairyloot and Illumicrate. To be fair Illumicrate is a quarterly box and I am a rep for NerdyBookworm so I think my purse isn’t too mad at me. However, it meant I was posting a lot of unboxings and photos of the items last month. I must have caught people’s attention with it because a twitter follower (@BooksAddictJax )requested that I do a comparison post. So here it is!


NerdyBookwormBox – Wicked Games, think Game of Thrones! This box has the cutest nerdy owl logo. I loved it. However, I do know that the new box being used from July on wards is going to be even better! So look out for that.

Fairyloot – High Fantasy. This was a great theme of people who enjoy books such as Lord of the Rings. Fairyloot is all about the colour purple which definitely suits the fairy theme. I also found the sleek black box to be great because it doesn’t seems as battered as other boxes that come through the post.

Illumicrate – As far as I know Illumicrate do now have a theme for their boxes. Please correct me if I am wrong. This box is bright and colourful. The Illumicrate logo is simple but effective and the yellow confetti is very cheerful.

The Books

NerdyBookwormBox – I adore this cover! I hadn’t heard of Flamecaster before but this book is definitely my kind of read.

Fairyloot – A hardback yay! Ruined was one of my anticipated reads this summer so I was so happy to see it in the box. It came with a bookmark, signed book plate and a letter from the author.

Illumicrate – I have to admit this isn’t a genre I usually choose for myself. However, I think it will be an easy read for the few weeks I have off during the summer. It also came with adorable matching postcards and a signed book plate!

Favourite Bookish Items

NerdyBookwormBox – My absolute favourite item in this box was the Reader of Dragons tote bag. It was love at first sight. This is my first ever bookish tote and I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I love everything about it. It was also an exclusive for this box!

I also received a mini Harry Potter box from Nerdybookworm which was full of HP goodies. My favourite was the Deathly Hallows bracelet. It is so pretty!!

Fairyloot – I had to choose the cute Dragon Age sticker is from SparksCrafts. I am not quite sure what DragonAge is but this sticker went straight onto the front of my laptop.

Illumicrate – The best item in this box was the notepad.  It is a great way to keep track of your TBR pile and is a way to help me organise my reviews. It also an exclusive from Goodnight Boutique.


NerdyBookwormBox – I am a rep for this box so obviously did not pay for it. However, the box is £29.99 + Free UK shipping. Again very resonable. I plan on buying this box once I am no longer a rep. I love all the items and Jen is great at picking the perfect book.

Fairyloot – £26.00 + £4.30 shipping. This is a little more expensive than the others but not by much. Plus this box has a hardback so in my mind the cost evens out.

Illumicrate – £29.99 + Free shipping for UK. As this box is quartely I think this is a very resonable price, especially since the shipping is free.

I am not going to choose a favourite. All of the boxes were very different in my eyes and all contained well thought out books and goodies. Jen, Anissa and Daphne all put a lot of work into their boxes and it shows through the spectacular quality of their boxes. I would recommend any of their boxes.

nerdybookwormWebsite – http://www.nerdybookwormbox.com/
Instagram – @thenerdybookwormbox
Twitter – @NerdBookwormBox

Website – http://www.fairyloot.com/
Instagram – @fairyloot
Twitter – @FairyLoot


Website – http://www.illumicrate.com/
Instagram – @illumicrate
Twitter – @illumicrate

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2 thoughts on “May – The month of subscription boxes

  1. Hi, Amy! Sorry I didn’t see this post until now. 😛 Thanks for comparing these awesome bookish boxes for me! I really appreciated it. I liked the books Fairyloot and Illumicrate picked every time and their bookish items looked adorable. Hope you enjoy them! 🙂

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