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The Dream Thieves Review **Spoilers**


Title: The Dream Thieves
Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Magic

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A quick warning. I don’t usually have spoilers in my reviews. However, for me to talk about certain themes I do need to bring up part of the first and second book in this. So if you haven’t read them I would suggest not reading this review. But I promise there will be plenty of spoiler free reviews coming up.

After the cliffhanger of the first book there was no way I wasn’t picking up the second book as soon as I had the chance. It helped that I had a group of Raven Cycle lovers on Twitter screaming at me to read it so we could talk about it and boy did we have a lot to discuss!

The second book in the serious focuses mostly on the bad boy we all can’t help but want to hug: Ronan Lynch. Ronan is very secretive, to the point that he even keeps secrets from himself. However, at the end of the first book we learn one of his biggest secrets. He can bring things out of his dreams! I loved this concept and to be honest that last line of the first book is why I picked up the second. I wanted to know what the hell was going on! Luckily I was not disappointed. This book is all about Ronan and his ability. I wasn’t exactly a fan of Ronan in the first book but that has all changed. Not only has he been quickly added to my book boyfriend’s list, he has also been added to my ‘need to protect at all costs’ list. We learn a lot about his past that helps you understand why Ronan acts the way he does. Plus under all that hard exterior is a young man trying to find his way in the world whilst simultaneously trying to protect the ones he loves and I just want to squeal at that revelation.

It is impossible for me not to mention the romance in this book. First of all there really isn’t a lot of romance but there is at the same time. I know. I am not making any sense but hear me out. Although there isn’t a lot of romance in terms of physical i.e it wasn’t acted on in this book. We had a lot of internal monologue that helped the reader understand how the characters were feeling. Although I was a Blue x Adam shipper in the first book that has quickly shifted to Blue x Gansey and Adam x Ronan in this book. Yes you read me right Adam x Ronan for OTP. Even if this doesn’t come to light in the third book I am sticking by my ship. I knew from hints around the internet that Blue x Gansey may become a thing. I mean the both books have hinted at it too, especially the second. However, I did the M/M train coming but I am over the moon that it did. I can’t help it I am one of those fangirls that ships guys together any chance I can. But for one of the characters to be cannon about the fact he is interested in guys just makes me love Stiefvater even more for not being an author that occasionally hints that their characters may be queer but never acts on it. I am always happy to see representation in books. Especially in Young Adult.

Ok so fangirling mostly over. As you can tell I loved this book. It was a little harder to get into than the first but it was worth the pushing through for all the character development. It was full of action, comedy and pain. Plus it had the bonus of being scary as f**k in some places. Those Night Horrors Ronan dreams up almost haunted my dreams for a while.

What did you guys think of this book? Let me know. I am hoping to read Blue Lily, Lily Blue really soon. I need to know what happens!!

Rating – 4/5

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6 thoughts on “The Dream Thieves Review **Spoilers**

  1. I read this one last week and I absolutely loved the characters so much. Like you, I want to give Ronan a hug but I would probably be eviscerated so I will just admire him in all of his complexities from afar. And the ships were so good in this one!

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