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Yalc Guest Post -Five things I’m bringing with me to YALC

yalc countdown

The first post in the YALC Countdown is by the amazing Karen. She has made a list of the things she is taking to YALC and it definitely gave me some of ideas of things I need to take. Remember you can still be part of the Countdown by sending me a guest post or join us tonight on twitter for the #YalcChat at 8pm (UK time). So on to Karen’s post!

Five things I’m bringing with me to YALC

Food and drinks
It’s fun to buy stuff at the con and you don’t want to load yourself too much but refreshments are quite expensive at the Olympia. Surely you want to save your hard-earned cash to buy more books.

Talking about books: you’re more than welcome to bring your own books to signings at YALC. Last year I brought a massive tote bag filled with books even though I only went for the Saturday. Let’s say I’ve got a couple extra tote bags with me this year.

Tote bags
Let’s be honest here. You will probably buy more books once you’re at the actual con. Whether it’s giving in to a book you’ve been wanting for ages or buying a book from a newly discovered author whose panel you LOVED, books will be bought.

A pen
You never know when you might bump into an author in the wild and bookgods forbid that the one pen they have on them stops working in the middle of autographing your book (true story… happened to me last year). So having a pen or even a couple of pens on you is always a good idea.

Friends/boy or girlfriend/parents
Don’t worry, everyone I met at YALC last year was so lovely and I made new friends just from chatting to people in signing lines. But if you’re like me and you’re secretly a little awkward (or a lot) then having someone with you that you know will help. The gent came with me last year and he’ll be with me this year as well (going for the whole weekend was his idea actually).

So there you have it, my top five things (or people) to bring to YALC this year. And if you’re planning on going to YALC on your own, not to worry: I’m sure you’ll make friends there.

If you’re around on the Thursday (July 28th) you can even meet some of us friendly booklovers at our pre-YALC meetup at Holland Park. All the event information can be found at the facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/673169639500295/


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