YALC Countdown

#YalcChat – Yalc Countdown

yalc countdown

On Sunday night I hosted the very first #YalcChat over on twitter. I have to admit I was expecting it to be just me talking to myself in the twitterverse. But to my extreme delight loads of you decided to join me to chat about the upcoming YALC weekend. We were also lucky enough to be joined by the official YALC twitter account who was nice enough to answer any queries we had. So I have decided to share the tips that YALC and the amazing people who have been before shared on Sunday evening.

  1. If you have a YALC ticket you can use the dedicated YALC entrance on Hammersmith Road.
  2. There are no planned limits on the amount of books you can get signed but if the lines are long limits may be placed on the day.
  3. Bring cash. A lot of the stalls don’t take cards.
  4. Even if an author isn’t scheduled that day some are around all weekend.
  5. Use the quiet zone once in a while and sit down. You’ll need your energy!
  6. Wear comfy shoes!
  7. Don’t be too scared to talk to people. From what I got from the chat everyone wants to meet fellow book lovers.
  8. It does get hot so keep that in mind when you choose your outfit.
  9. Bring your own food and drink as it can be expensive at the venue.
  10. You can come in and out of the venue as much as you like through the day.
  11. There is a cloak room where you can store your bags for a small charge. I heard you should have loads of bags full of goodies by the end of the day so the cloakroom may come in handy.
  12. The publishers love the chat to readers so feel free to chat with them.
  13. In the case of most signings you just line up. But if the lines get very long on the day they may introduce virtual queuing. You are given a number and you come back later.
  14. YALC suggested arriving around 9am or just before.

Well I hope this tips were useful. If you have any more queries YALC said they would be happy to answer them or I am hosting another #YalcChat on the 23rd July. Come join us! We had so much fun chatting and it got us really excited for YALC.


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