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Inherited Review

Title: Inherited
Author: Freedom Matthews
Publisher: Oftomes Publishing
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

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The Wilted Rose is a pirate ship who’s occupants are cursed. They are forbidden to love until they can undo the curse placed on their ancestors and passed onto them. One of the cursed is Valencia “Lennie” Roux. Brought up in a brothel, she lived a life no young child should have to endure. She believed she would never lover any man after the life she led. Enter Nathaniel. Lennie is torn between her feelings for Nathaniel and not giving into the feelings she promised herself she would never have.

As you all know I was part of the Inherited Blog Tour. I was super excited to read this book. The promise of a bad ass female pirate and adventure, as well as the stunning cover, made this an easy add to my TBR list. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to open my July Fairyloot to find Inherited staring back at me. Not only that but it was signed and personalised for me which is outstanding! Of course I jumped straight into this book as soon I could ( I even stopped my YALC reading).

The first thing I have to mention about this book is it’s size. It’s 538  pages! This left me desperate to get through it but taking a lot longer than I planned (that YALC list was calling to me!). However, after taking about a week to read it I was actually left empty wen I read it. I wanted to carry on reading about those amazing characters! The minute I finished that last page I missed having adventurous Lennie, bookish Nathaniel, and the adorable crew in my life. Yes I am calling the pirates adorable. The group reminded me a little of the crew in Six of Crows. Each member is unique and unmistakably an individual, however, they worked together like a well oiled machine. They knew each other’s pasts and were always there if they needed each other. I loved the family vibe they had with each other. Lennie even describes each member as a family member. Her father, cheeky brothers, I just couldn’t help but enjoy the atmosphere the crew created aboard the ship; their home.

This was my first pirate book, and to be honest I chose it because the protagonist was a female pirate. I thought this gave it an original spin. But Lennie wasn’t what I expected. Yes she wore male clothes. I mean come on a dress would be a pain to fight in. Right?! But that doesn’t stop her wearing a dress when it’s offered and dressing up. Being a strong fighter and part of the crew didn’t mean she had to lose her femininity in the process. Which is the definition of a strong female protagonist. Not just because she is the best fighter, which she is, but also because she can doesn’t have to be portrayed as masculine all the time in order to be strong. Yes she wore a dress. Yes she cries on occasion. But she is also the ship’s fighter. She can wield a sword better than any of the men on the ship.She has also overcome a horrible past and fights to overcome it everyday.  All of this and more made me want Lennie to get all the happiness she fought for whilst wanting to yell “You Go Girl” on multiple occasions. Feminist salute!

Now let’s talk about Nathaniel. He is pretty much everything I want in a love interest. Not only was he pretty decent with a gun or sword but he loves books. Seriously give e a guy who loves books and you have won my heart. The only downside is that there was a hint of insta-love which I am not the biggest fan of. I kind of wish the relationship could have developed a little more slowly, especially with Lennie’s past and her belief that she wouldn’t find love (the curse adding to this thought). Fortunately the mix of pirates, fairies and action let me pass the insta-love. Usually I fixate on it but there was just too much going on in this book to worry about it too much.

Inherited is a magical book that had be gripped from the first page. There is action, love and curses. You can’t ask for more in a book. I’m also thinking Lennie cosplay next year at YALC. Who wants to join me?


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