Bookstagram: Is it about the enjoyment or the likes?


I joined the online book world through Bookstagram. One day I stumbled upon a gorgeous feed full of books, the next I was creating my own Bookstagram account. Thanks to Bookstagram, I discovered book blogs, booktube and the amazing book community on twitter. For that I am truly thankful to the amazing Bookstagram community.

thank you

However, I sometimes I feel like there is a pressure to gain more followers, to get more and more likes for my photos. I often find myself wondering why do people not like my photo if it gets less likes than the one before. At one point my photos were getting over 300 likes. Then I got bored of taking the same style of photo and changed it to something I found more fun to shoot, and that I found more aesthetically pleasing. In basic terms I found them pretty.


But for some reason my new pictures find it difficult to reach even 200 likes. This leaves me wondering, what’s wrong with my pictures? Why don’t people like them as much as my other photos? But this ridiculous right? Bookstagram should be about appreciating books, and discussing our love of books with other bibliophiles. That’s how it begun for me. I want to go back to that time when gaining one follower was an achievement and getting 50 likes on a photo left me jumping for joy.


What do you think? Do you think that Bookstagram can sometimes turn into a competition of who can have the most followers? Which photos can get the most likes? Who’s feed has the best theme? Personally I have decided to stop worrying and just take photos that I like the look of. That’s the whole point of Bookstagram anyway. To share our love for the books we adore and to enjoy the whole process. It doesn’t matter if the picture I took doesn’t match my feed. I like it so I will post it! I am going to back to the old ways where taking pictures of my books is fun not about the amount of likes I get.

I know that was a bit of a ramble and I hope you were able to follow it. I would love to hear what you think of the topic. Do you agree, not agree? I can’t wait to read your opinions.


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7 thoughts on “Bookstagram: Is it about the enjoyment or the likes?

  1. I definitely think it can sometimes feel a bit of a competition, but honestly what I want from taking photos of books and posting them is for people to comment! I want people to talk and share opinions on books – I’d much rather five comments from people than 100 likes, but you do find yourself looking at the like number of follower number. It just takes a little bit of self-awareness to realise that the number isn’t important, but the people you meet and talk to 🙂 I love the bookstagram community and have met some awesome people through it!

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    1. That is a really good point! I love receiving comments, it shows people are interested. Plus it’s a great way to get to know your fellow bookstagrammers. I love talking to everyone on there and have made some amazing friends! Thank you so much for commenting I loved reading what you had to think.

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  2. Instagram was a lot more fun for me when it wasn’t so competitive. Also before they went to the algorithm and I can’t see people’s posts anymore. I have a good time taking pictures of book, so I don’t worry about followers or likes, but if you do care about that sort of thing, it can be SUPER competitive. I don’t know how the people with over 100k followers do it. The pics are BEAUTIFUL, but I didn’t know there were 100,000 people who wanted to look at book pics.

    And who knows why some pictures get more likes than others… it probably has something to do with which of your followers actually SEE the picture!

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    1. I honestly don’t know how they do it either but I really admire them for it. However, I am over the competitiveness. I just want it to be fun. Thanks for commenting, I really enjoyed reading your opinion on the matter.


  3. I think that sometimes there’s too much pressure. That is why I’ll never open an Instagram dedicated completely to books!
    I love post bookish pictures on IG too, but I’m also obsessed with food pictures or life in general… So I can’t see myself to have anything nor Instagram or Twitter just about a single thing.
    I love too much things in order to be stuck with just one.

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