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Illumicrate August’16 Unboxing


So my second Illumicrate box arrived and it was AMAZING! Seriously when I saw what was inside this was my reaction.


Instead of rambling I am just going to let the box do the talking. Especially since there was not one but two books this month! Intrigued yet?

Book One


Yes you are seeing correctly. There was a copy of Nevernight in my Illumicrate eeek! I wanted this book so badly and I almost bought a copy at YALC (I am so glad I didn’t). It also came with a signed book plate, postcard and bookmark. I can’t wait to read this.

Book Two


The second book was The Graces by Laure Eve. I found out about this book at YALC and I wanted it so badly! However, they told me I would have to wait until September to grab myself a copy. I am so glad I didn’t have to wait that long! I love books about witches and this book grabbed my attention. Thank you illumicrate for including it!

Item One


This was hands down my favourite item in the box. Not only is Harry Potter related but these trio coasters were designed by the talented Taratjah. I am such a huge fan of her designs and I am so excited to own these gorgeous designs. Of course I’m not going to use them as actual coasters they are way too nice for that.

Item Two


The next item is s Gilmore Girls-inspired tote bag by Colorful Geekiness. I haven’t actually watched Gilmore Girls yet but I plan on it now it is on netflix. I’m sure I will really appreciate this tote once I become addicted to the series.

Item Three


YAY Grisha and Six of Crows inspired merchandise. These colouring pages were designed by Ashley Poston exclusively for Illumicrate.

Item Four


The next item is a Drink Me Strawberry Tea by Post Tea. I have to be honest I just tend to stick to normal English Breakfast but I am tempted to give this a go.

Item Five


The last items were extras for Red Rising, Unboxed and A Torch Against the Night. They are so pretty!

Well there we go another unboxing complete. I absolutely loved this box and it arrived so quickly. That meant no spoilers!! Woo! The box was also intact which is unusual nowadays so I was happy to know my box hadn’t been smashed around. This is definitely the best Illumicrate box I have received. I look forward to seeing their future boxes.


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