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Zane and Jupiter (Were-Zoo) Mini-Review

I am just going to write a quick review about these two books because they were the quickest reads ever! I literally read both of them in two hours. They are insanely easy to read. But that doesn’t mean they are badly written. Far from it. I have always been a fan of Butler’s shifter books. Not because of the smut like most people expect (although she is definitely a pro at writing those) but because of the shifter story lines themselves. I love shifter stories but I find it difficult to find any that don’t contain, shall we say, steamy love scenes. I usually prefer wolf books but I was in a bit of a slump and was looking for something less intense to read and I recalled how much I always enjoyed reading Butler’s Wolf’s Mate and Ashland Pride series. So I had a look on Amazon to see if she had released anything new and found the Were-Zoo series. It is set in a Zoo that is run by shifters who are searching for their mates among the people who visit. They soon get desperate when no one finds their mate and send out VIP tour tickets to all the singles in the city. Of course Mate’s are soon found.

I really enjoyed these books and at 99p each they were a bargain. Like I said knows how to write her smut but there is also a great plot and characters that are enjoyable to read. If you are a fan of shifter fantasy, I suggest giving these a go.


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