My August Book Ban


As most of you know I was at YALC at the end of July and had the time of my life! Not only did I meet great authors, other book lovers and attend some fantastic workshops. But I also came home with the biggest book haul of my life! I went with 10 books and came back with 40! Most of them free, which is even better. However, I had very little space left on my shelves and a TBR that was threatening to topple over. Not only that I had spent a little more money than I should have. Of course add all this up and it leads to me having to put myself on a book ban! The first one of my life and way more difficult than I thought it would be. Now I know I am not the only bibliophile who has had to be harsh and stop their buying ways to save on cash and space. But I am not sure if everyone goes through the same stages of book withdrawal but I thought I’d share mine with you. Obviously using humorous Supernatural gifs 😛

Stage One – Denial

I thought I was completely fine and that I could totally handle not buying books for one month. I mean it’s only one month and I just got a huge haul form YALC! I didn’t need any new books!

Stage Two – Distraction

200w_d (1)

Next I distracted myself anyway I could so that I didn’t find myself walking into bookshops and browsing on Amazon. A lot of reading, exercising, meeting friends and instagramming occurred to stop my book buying habit.

Stage 3 – Bargaining


Buying two kindle books on amazon. Because they were only 99p and they don’t take up shelf space so they don’t count. Right?

Stage 4 – Withdrawal

raw (3)

Stalking the post man only to realise no book buying means no book mail! Insert internal screaming here when I realised there were no be no book mail lighting up my day.

raw (2)

Stage 5 – Jealousy

raw (1)

Instachat is amazing! However it is also a great way for people to post their bookmail videos and photos. And there was so much book mail! Everywhere I looked people were receiving amazing books and book goodies! Why?!!!

Stage 6 – Acceptance

no more books

I finally accepted that I could no longer buy any books. I created wishlists to get me through the cravings and avoided book shops to stop temptation.

Stage 7 – Joy


Then I realised it’s September in a few days. My book ban is almost over!! Woo!

So there was my bumpy journey to my August book ban. Have you ever stopped yourself buying books before. How did you handle it? I can honestly say that I probably wasn’t as strong as I should have been and that little slip up with the ebooks may have voided my ban but lets just keep it between us shall we.



Thanks for reading another discussion post or should I call them ramble posts? Hope you enjoyed it! Or at least enjoyed the Supernatural gifs because who wouldn’t love looking at those gorgeous faces?!



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