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Book Lovers Takeover: Bookstagram

book lovers takeover 2

It has been months since I have done a Book Lovers Takeover and it was so much fun I decided to do another one. I was trying to think of an interesting topic people could discuss, and then it hit me: Bookstagram!! Bookstagram is what got me into this world of online book love. One day I was browsing instagram and saw someone had posted a gorgeous picture containing books and decided to give it a try. Nine months later not only do I have a Bookstagram with over 4000 followers but I also have a book twitter, tumblr and a blog.

Bookstagram is where it all started for me and what I enjoy doing the post. I love seeing how creative people are with their accounts and have had so much fun talking to all the amazing people! So I asked those amazing people if they would like to guest post on Read.Dream.Live. They can discuss anything that is Bookstagram related; how they started, what they get from it, how they create their photos. Pretty much anything!

So look out for amazing guest posts! I’ll be posting them throughout September and trust me you are going to enjoy reading them.


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