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Book Lovers Takeover: Bookstagram #1

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The first Guest Post is written by the amazing Joanne! I love chatting to Joanne on Instagram and Twitter. She is so much fun and was one of the first to volunteer to guest blog which I was really happy about as I love her bookstagram feed. I hope you enjoy her post!

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Bookstagram. What started about a year ago with a simple photo of a book and a post to instagram, I had no idea of the incredible journey I would take and the amazing bookish people I would meet as a result of clicking that little post button. I have discovered countless books and book series, found beautiful bookish accounts and got to know the people behind them, I have been to YALC and bought book subscription boxes and purchased endless stunning book merch from small businesses. So when I posted that photo, that little naiive bookworm had no idea of the world of bookstagram and that it would become part of her daily life.

I read as a child and loved the characters and worlds living between the pages of a book, but I stopped reading when I entered high school. It was the typical ‘not thinking it was cool’ thing and copying my friends – none of which who read – I just went along with the crowd and did what they did. Only when Twilight came out and my friends read it because everyone else was, did I start reading again and, say what you want about Twilight, but I loved it and it reignited my passion for reading. I was soon reading more of the popular book series: The Hunger Games, Divergent and The Maze Runner, before I started to research into books more and more and I found some of my now favourite authors like Rainbow Rowell, Joss Stirling and Holly Bourne.

And then I discovered fantasy.

Signing up to goodreads, following some bookish accounts and many amazon searches later, I was reading more and more fantasy books – and taking more and more photos of books and posting them to instagram.

It was very basic, simply putting the book on my bed and taking a quick photo, no regard for the lighting or the look of the picture or tagging or using hashtags, but it was the start of it. I didn’t post much, but seeing beautiful and artistic photos on bookish instagram accounts, I found myself wanting to become more like them – I aspired to take just as beautiful photos as these bookworms and I ended up taking photos more often.

So I started stacking books up and taking photos not just focused on the front cover; I started considering the background, using filters and staging my photos by using little props I found about the home. I used my cats in my photos, random decorations I found and bookish merch I purchased off Etsy and Society6 – websites I found through bookstagram.

I then found book subscription boxes in the UK and I treated myself to a Fairyloot box and posted an unboxing and used hashtags. Suddenly my instagram was just full of books – I decided to delete earlier photos and create a proper bookstagram, changing my name to something more bookish and commenting on other bookstagram accounts and taking more thought in how my photos looked.

I became a bookstagrammer. A small one, a novice, but nonetheless, I was taking time and care over taking photos of books and my book collection was growing larger and larger, new authors I found through bookstagram and booktube became firm favourites and I was soon racing through books and filling my bookshelf with more and more books.

Just recently I started a bookish blog and I discovered I loved reading and reviewing books as well as comparing my thoughts with others on the same book. Taking photos of books just became a daily fun task for me to do and posting to my bookstagram I did just for me, but getting that notification that someone liked my photo or commented on it, filled me with a warm appreciation – I love the bookish community and talking all things bookish, bookstagram has opened up a whole new way of talking bookish!

I can’t tell you when it all started, when I actuallydecided to read more and what triggered me into becoming a full-on bookworm and bookstagrammer (and now book blogger!), but it was as if a little dormant bookworm was buried deep inside, slumbering for years, emerging with book crazes but going to sleep again when that particular craze faded away… Something caused that worm to crawl up and out – and stay out, for now I read everyday if I can help it, I aim to post to bookstagrameveryday and I talk as often as I can to as many people as I can about books. Whatever it was, it lead me to bookstagram and so much more.

Bookstagram has introduced me to the online book community and I’ve met some brilliant people, and for that I am grateful. I can post and talk and shout about books I love to people who love them just as equally, if not more! Instead of following the crowds, I’ve done what I love and so many good things have come because of that; just this year I went to my first book event: YALC and met some truly amazing authors and got books signed.

Maybe bookstagram entered into my life because I needed it. I started vet school two years ago and I had to move away to London, leaving my friends and family behind. Putting it plainly, I was miserable that first year at uni – it wasn’t for me, the moving away from home and being completely reliant made me feel desolate. Of course, reading helped and I found happiness in visiting other worlds and meeting fictional characters, so much so that I posted about them and shared it with others – and this lead to the beginning of bookstagram.

Bookstagram means I am not alone, it means I have people I can talk bookish with, it means I am never short of reading material and it means my bookshelf is now so overrun with books that I need a new one.

Though I am still trying to find my feet with bookstagram and up my book photo taking game, I can’t and won’t stop. Every single comment and like I appreciate – it resonates that there are people out there that like my photos, enough so that they actually take the time to write a comment or double tap – you have no idea how much love I have for you, bookstagrammers, and how happy I am to be one of you and part of the awesome community that is bookstagram.

Joanne (jcwreads)

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Thank you so much Joanne for guest posting! I love reading about your Bookstagram journey. What did you guys think? Did you have a similar bookstagramming experience?


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