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Book Lovers Takeover: Bookstagram #2

book lovers takeover 2

Here is the next Book Lovers Takeover: Bookstagram edition! It is written by the lovely word_hoarder. Her bookstagram account is quite new but it is so pretty! Here is her story.

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I decided to start a bookstagram because as a mommy of 2 littles, I usually love my days focused on others. I found myself turning on the tv for a few moments of mental escape and truly a part of me was beginning to quiet down. I am a creative persona in general but I found that I was needing to be stimulated on a personal level and only books can do that for me. I began to read again and found myself overflowing with joy and creativity and I wanted to share that.

Unfortunately in personal account I didn’t really connect with people who enjoyed stories as much as I did. So I found bookstagram and literally felt like this 😍. A whole world opened up to me. Instantly I wanted a part of! So I said this is my chance to do something for me, and I began posting and communicating with like-minded people.
Just yesterday, a younger girl approached me and asked me how do stay so fresh being that I’m constantly busy being a wife and a mom. I could honestly say “I didn’t loose myself in the routine of adult life.” And this makes me a more complete and utterly happy person.
Instagram –
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I hope you enjoyed reading this amazing guest post!! I love reading about your bookstagram experiences. If you would like to share your bookstagram experience just send me your guest post to


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