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Here is my third Bookstagram Book Lovers Takeover. This is written by the amazing Megan! Her Bookstagram is gorgeous you definitely should go check it out. Her photos use lots of fun props that I am extremely jealous of.  So instead of letting me ramble let’s get to her guest post.

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In December 2015, I posted a photo of my “Black Friday Haul” from Barnes and Noble to Instagram: a boxed set of the foil cover Hunger Games books that I had been coveting, plus three matching Katniss Funko Pops.This was my first real book-related post on Instagram, and I didn’t think too much of it, until the social media platform started “suggesting” posts I might like in my search feed. There were handfuls of posts dedicated to showcasing books, talking about books, book-related challenges and small businesses. I learned that the hashtags “#shelfie” and “#socksunday” were a thing. I saw bookish accounts with thousands of bookish followers. I had no idea this community existed inside Instagram—and that I would be so in love with it almost a year later.


It might sound cheesy, but Bookstagram really helped me pull through a tough time. I completed graduate school in 2015 and got an internship in the suburbs of Chicago, but many of my friends from school either moved back home or to different cities for work. My internship eventually turned into a permanent position, and I found myself living alone in pretty much all aspects of the word. I was always a reader, but the intense work load of college and grad school had sucked out my energy for that hobby. Since I was no longer in school and had plenty of free time, I started reading heavily again. I also started posting photos of my various book purchases to Instagram, with no real theme or thought to lighting, composition, etc.


One day, however, I stumbled across the #nerdybookchallenge from Alexis @dropandgivemenerdy, and decided to participate. Soon after, I was putting real thought into my photos, trying to be creative and engaging with fellow book nerds. My account eventually become book-centric, and if you look back far enough, you can see where I really took the leap to becoming a Bookstagram account (but please don’t; it’s embarrassing! haha). I started following more Bookstagrammers, learning from them and finding like-minded readers. I have made so many new friends, fallen in love with new genres (YA fantasy, you are both the birth and death of my soul), and re-ignited a lost passion through Bookstagram, during a time when I was at my loneliest.


Throughout the journey, I’ve gone through a few different themes and backgrounds. One was a rug, one was my gray bedsheets. I stuck with that for a while, but it started feeling too dark and drab. Currently, I have a faux-wood backdrop, which is light and more welcoming to flat lays (my favorite type of photo). While I personally like the cohesion of themed feeds, I don’t think it’s necessary to have one. The whole Bookstagram community is full of creativity, whether we’re taking photos in our beds, on airplanes, in cafés or the woods, and it’s one of my favorite things about us. I’ve also accumulated quite a bit of props for my photos over time, as well as more than 60 Funko Pops and an extra bookshelf strictly for YA fantasies.


Even though it’s been less than a year, there have been so many amazing momentsfor me since joining Bookstagram: I have fangirled with everyone over the release of Empire of Storms; read the Harry Potter series for the first time and sorted myself in Pottermore (Gryffindorrrrr!); signed up for OwlCrate; went to BookCon and met one of my new favorite authors, Marissa Meyer; hosted a 1K giveaway; got a bookish tattoo (Scarlet from The Lunar Chronicles—I wasn’t joking about my Marissa Meyer love!); made my own Ginny Funko Pop; and had my life absolutely wrecked by A Court of Mist and Fury. Fellow Bookstagrammers were there with me through all of it, and I thank you all every single day!


Cheers to making even more memories,

Megan @meganthemeganerd

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Thank you so much Megan for taking part in my Book Lovers Takeover! Trust me you are not the only one who got wrecked by A Court of Mist and Fury (hands up if this is also you!). I love reading all f these guest posts. It just shows how great the Bookstagram community are. If you would like to do a Bookstagram guest post just give me an email.


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