Book Review

Mini Reviews Catch Up #2

The Territory by Sarah Govett

It’s 2059 and and Noa Blake lives in the Territory. The richest children can download information and have no need to study. Noa and the other ‘Norms’ have to spend every minute studying in order to keep up. At 15 they have to take the TAA test, anyone who fails is sent to the Wetlands.

This book is a great warning of what our world could because of global warming. Half of Britain has been taken over by water and being sent to the wetlands means certain death.If anything it was definitely a thought-provoking subject as global warming is always a hot topic in our present society.

To me Noa was the perfect protagonist in the sense that she wasn’t perfect. She was a normal teenage girl. She was moody, she made mistakes, she wasn’t automatically amazing at everything like some female protagonists. To make her even more likable she is smart. I mean really smart. She has a chance to pass the tests even without the node to help her download information. I think this would be the perfect book for readers who love dystopian reads especially those who can relate to the stress of exams.


Alien Rain by Ruth Morgan

After a huge civil war the remaining Earth’s population have moved to Mars. Bree lives in “Cardiff” upon Mars and is surprised when she is chosen to visit the original city on a coveted trip to Earth. This honour is usually for high achieving students. So Bree has to ask herself why was she chosen?

I bought this book after going to a panel where Ruth Morgan was speaking about her book. As soon as the panel was over I ran to purchase a copy and get it signed. Since I am from Cardiff the idea of a mini Cardiff on Mars was too enticing to leave. Mars has Domes with min versions of Earth’s main cities including miniature versions of famous landmarks such as Cardiff Castle and Cardiff Museum. I always find reading a book containing places I’ve been to be a lot more entertaining. I can almost picture myself there. Especially since my lovely Welsh homeland is rarely used as a setting.

I found myself absolutely adoring Bree. She is a kind and strong woman. Even when she is being treated badly she doesn’t let that distract her from her task. This is a unique and out of this world book that I think fans of sci-fi will love.


daughter of smoke and bone
Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

Karou moves between two worlds. Most days she is a seventeen year old art student in Prague. However the rest of the time she is a messenger for Brimstone, a Monstrous creature, who she happens to call family. When the doors are closed to ‘Elsewhere’, where Brimstone resides, Karou finds herself cut off from her adoptive family.

It took me a little while to get into this book but when I did I really enjoyed. Karou is an interesting character with her blue hair and tattoos. Her life however is even more interesting. It took me away in a blur of demons and angels. I couldn’t get enough! If anything I hate myself for waiting so long to pick it up. I am determined to finish this trilogy this year. I can’t wait to see what happens next.



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