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Mini Reviews Catch Up #3

The Monstrous Child by Francesca Simon

Hel didn’t ask to be the Queen of the Underworld. She wanted to be a normal teenage girl. Unfortunately being one of Loki’s children doesn’t really leave room for normal.

This was a quick read for me. However, I just looked up some reviews and I hadn’t realised this was the third book in a series. So I kind of jumped right in lol. I will be going to check out the previous two books and see what they are about.

I think a younger reader would have enjoyed this a little more as this is obvious the targeted reader is meant to be younger. But I enjoyed it all the same. I enjoy reading Norse mythology and Loki and his children are especially an interest of mine. This was a fun read and was a nice way to pass a cold Sunday.


Of Fire and Stars by Audrey Coulhurst

Princess Dennaleia has been betrothed to the Prince of Mynaria since they were children. Their marriage will seal an alliance between their lands. But she is hiding a secret. She has the ability to control fire. Denna has to keep this forbidden ability a secret in order to keep the alliance strong. Oh and maybe not fall in love with the Prince’s sister. That might help too.

I love love LOVED this book!! I have to admit it was a complete cover buy but the story inside is just as gorgeous as the cover. This book had everything. Magic, royalty and love. However, unlike most stories this one had two female protagonists. Although women were still seen as property to be sold into marriage in this world, homosexuality was accepted. Men with men, women with women it was throughout the book and no one batted an eyelid. Which I really liked. It wasn’t some big taboo, it was just love.

The Prince’s sister Mare was by far y favourite character. She went against all stereotypes of women in this book. She was fierce, independent and refused to give into her family’s demands. She just wanted to raise horses and choose who she would marry. I couldn’t get enough of her character, especially since she seemed to bring out the best in Denna.

A  beautifully magical book. One of my favourite reads this year. Have you read this book?



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