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Mini Reviews Catch Up #4

How to Find Love in a Bookshop by Veronica Henry

After her father passes away Emilia returns home to keep the family bookshop a float. Nightingale Books is every book lovers dream and everyone of Emilia’s customers has their own story to tell.

This book left me sighing in happiness. I literally hugged the book when I finished it. This is a bunch of stories within a bigger story and I loved every single one of them. It left me with warm, happy feelings and gave me a little bit of hope that I can find love whilst browsing for books. If you want a feel good book to hide yourself away with on those cold winter evenings then this is the one for you. I dare you not to read it and not fall in love with the it.


Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

This book is about the girl who was allergic to the world and couldn’t leave the house and the boy who moved in next door.

I read this book really quickly and really enjoyed it. Maddie and Olly are adorable and I couldn’t help but root for them every step of the way. There are always so many twists and turns that left me rethinking everything I had just read, which always makes a great read. There are so many more things about this book that I want to talk about but then I would have to talk about some HUGE spoilers so i’m going to have to stay quiet. But if you ever read it and want to discuss what happens please feel free to message me.


Blackheath Resurrection by Gabriella Lepore

The Tomlin’s brothers need to learn how to use their magic without the help of their father after his disappearance. However, when someone unexpected arrives at their door, the brothers become divided. With Maggie caught in the middle they can only watch as trouble occurs throughout Blackheath.

This is the second in the series and I enjoyed it just as much as the first. The Tomlin brothers are always enjoyable to read and Maggie was a lot more interesting in this book. She was more sure of herself and independent. I always love good character development so I was ecstatic to see her become more sure of herself.

We learn more about the brother’s parents in this one which allowed us to finally have some of our long asked questions finally answered. For example we finally find out why their mother is always missing! I definitely didn’t expect the storyline that progressed and really enjoyed finding out the mysteries of the Tomlins family. The writing is getting better with each book Lepore writes and I can’t wait to see where the story leads. A magical series!!



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