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A Court of Wings and Ruin Review

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J.Maas

This was one of my most anticipated reads of the year and it was completely worth the wait. ACOWAR is the third in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series and it is by far one of my all time favourite series. If you are a fan of fantasy books you need to give it a go. The characters and the world itself is spectacular.

During this book we got to explore the other Courts a little bit more which was a lot of fun but I still think I am a Night Court girl 😉 However, I think the best part of the book was getting to know the Inner Circle. I am the biggest fan of Cassian and Azriel. I just want to protect them from the world.


I also cannot mention The Inner Circle without mentioning Mor. Without giving away spoilers, I’ll just say that we find out more about her and it is an amazing revelation and allows you to learn about her. It made me like her more and finally answered so many questions.

I think the only downside of this book is it was really long and to be honest there were parts that went on and on. They could have easily been shortened. However, it was worth the wait when we got to the scenes at the end. They were action packed and completely emotional.


We also had the added bonus of Feyre’s sisters. I got to be honest after the first book I thought I would hate them. But I loved them! Nesta can come across as harsh but you can tell she is looking out for her sister.

Have you read ACOWAR? What did you think?



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