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The Bane Chronicles Review

Bane chronicles
The Bane Chronicles by Cassandra Clare

For lovers of The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices this is the perfect book for you. It includes 11 short stories about the magical Magnus Bane.

Magnus is a character that I adored throughout both trilogies and I was so happy to see that he had his own book. I was so excited to read more about his past, and this book gave me an incite to the man behind the wit. To be honest he was the one character that I felt like I didn’t completely know, even after being in two series. So yay for whoever thought of giving him his own book!magnus1

This book got me out of a major reading slump. For weeks I have read books so slowly. But I read this whole book on a chilled Saturday afternoon.



Every story shared a new part of Magnus and even let us delve deeper into his relationship with other characters including Alec, Raphael and Ragnor. I have to admit I was most excited to read a little more about Raphael. He has become a bit of a favourite of mine since he became a canon Ace character on the Netflix show. However, I was also happy that TID characters snuck there way in here. It is by far my favourite trilogy and I pretty much jumped in excitement when I saw their names. But I am going to ramble a bit more about Raphael because I adore that sweet vampire. I just want to protect the sarcastic little cinnamon roll.


Also be ready to squeal in excitement Malec fans….we get to read about their first date!!!! Wooo! It was perfect! If you are a Malec fan and have read this please let me know if you liked the first date or did you picture it going a little differently?


This whole book was fun from start to finish. Manus is his usual snarky self and reading about his past made me fall in love with him even more. This is the perfect book for all those Magnus fans out there.

Have you read it? Which was your favourite story? Please let me know in the comments, I really want to know what you guys thought of it.



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