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Where We Belong Review (Publication Day)

I received this proof to review from Simon & Schuster (I won a giveaway). This is no way influences my review 

This was such a lovely read. Not only is the proof cover gorgeous, the story inside was just as beautifully written. The scenery is easy to imagine and you can’t help get lost in the picturesque countryside and the intriguing Hatter’s museum.

There are a number of twists and turns as secrets are slowly revealed that kept me wanting to read more. The characters were well developed and although the protagonist Cate was well written it was actually some of the other characters that really drew in. Leo was a joy to read and his outlook on life was so refreshing to read. However I think I enjoyed learning about Araminta the most. You think she is just a grouchy character there to make Cate’s life as difficult as possible but slowly you she opens up and you get to learn about her hidden background that she kept has secret for years. I could not praise this book more. A summer must read!

Where We Belong is out today! Go grab your copy now and have some me time reading in the sun 🙂

Simon & Schuster UK – Twitter
Anstey Harris – Twitter

Cate Morris and her son, Leo, are homeless, adrift. They’ve packed up the boxes from their London home, said goodbye to friends and colleagues, and now they are on their way to ‘Hatters Museum of the Wide Wide World – to stay just for the summer. Cate doesn’t want to be there, in Richard’s family home without Richard to guide her any more. And she knows for sure that Araminta, the retainer of the collection of dusty objects and stuffed animals, has taken against them. But they have nowhere else to go. They have to make the best of it.

But Richard hasn’t told Cate the truth about his family’s history. And something about the house starts to work its way under her skin.
Can she really walk away, once she knows the truth?
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  1. Congrats on winning a copy thats great! Sounds like a good feel good summer read, perfect for the heatwave we’re apparently having in the UK next week

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