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Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

I know it is past mid-year but I saw Ellie @eleanorsophiewrites post and thought it looked like a lot of fun! I’m not going to tag anyone as it is past June but feel free to do it yourself. Make sure to tag me so I can read your answers!

How much have you read?
As of 20th July I have read 74 books which I am over the moon with. My yearly reading goal was 50 so I have surpassed it already. I am hoping this may be best reading year yet!

What have you been reading?
This year I feel I have read a variety of genres, especially in comparison to previous years. I have been reading a lot more thrillers, true crime and other non-fiction books, particularly books around race due to the Black Lives Matter Movement. I rally wanted to educate myself this year in important matters so have made it a personal goal to read more non-fiction books which I hope to continue throughout the year.

Best book you’ve read so far in 2020
I think my favourite reads this year have been The Silent Patient (I did not see that ending coming), The Shelf (completely hilarious), The Little Bookshop of Love Stories (officially one of my favourite books ever), and the Percy Jackson series (how have I never read these before!).

Best sequel you’ve read so far in 2020
My favourite sequels this year have been Deathless Divide, and Tunnel of Bones.

New release you haven’t read yet, but want to
Loveless! I have been waiting for this for so long as it has AceAro rep.

Most anticipated release for the second part of the year
I can’t wait for The Sun Sister. I am a huge fan of the Seven Sisters Series by Lucinda Riley, however I know I am coming near of the end of the series which is also a little upsetting.

Biggest disappointment
Vassa in the Night and American Psycho were both 1 star reads for me. I was disappointed in American Psycho as this is meant to be a classic that people often talk highly of.

Biggest surprise
The Percy Jackson Series! I never read this as a child and now I am hugely disappointed in myself that it took em until I turned 30 to read this. It was amazing!! I can’t wait to read more of his books. I also now completely understand why people didn’t like the movies. They butchered the books!

New favourite author (debut or new to you)
I have found a few contemporary romance authors I have enjoyed reading this year including; Rebecca Raisin, Rebecca Smith, Helly Acton and Jaimie Admans.

Underrated gems you’ve discovered recently
I recently started reading contemporary romance and I’ve been enjoying them so much! I especially enjoyed The Shelf by Helly Acton and Aria’s Travelling Bookshop by Rebecca Raisin.

Rereads this year
I only reread A Little Love Song by Michelle Magorian. I reread this book every year. It is my happy, feel good book.

Newest fictional crush
I have to choose Dimitri from The Little Bookshop of Love Stories. He is the book nerd of my dreams!

Newest favourite character
I really enjoyed reading about The Ship of Shadows crew. My day on the blog tour is on the 29th so you can read more about why I loved them so much in a couple days!

Book that made you cry
Aria’s Travelling Book Shop. So many emotional chapters in this book!

Book that made you happy
The Shelf. I literally cold not stop laughing out loud at this book.

Favourite book to film adaptation
I’ve only watched Little Women this year and I absolutely loved it!

Most beautiful cover you’ve bought (or received) this year
I loved the covers for The Vanishing Half and Clap When You Land.

What books do you need to read by the end of the year?
I have so many but I think the ones I want to read the most is:
Loveless, Me and White Supremacy, Three Women, A Room of One’s Own and The Switch.

Favourite post you have done this year?
– New Things I’ve Tried in Lockdown
– Pride Post: Ace Rep

Favourite book community member:
I’ve made so many new bookish friends this year! I have been having so much fun getting to know them and reading there posts.

Ellie @ EleanorSophieWrites
Beth @ ReadByBethany
Mere @ LoreOfTheBooks
Vicky @ WhatVickyRead
Anna @ BooksAndBookends
Bronwen @ BooksNBabbles

Hope you enjoyed my answers! Feel free to do the tag yourself. Let me know if you have completed this tag I’d love to read your posts!

11 thoughts on “Mid-Year Freak Out Tag

  1. Wow, congrats on reading 74 books. I would be pleased with that too. I’ve read 61 so far this year. I want to read Loveless too. I read Percy Jackson for the first time in my 20s, and I really liked it. Good luck with the rest of 2020’s reading!

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  2. Woah, you’ve read so many books!!! The Silent Patient is of my favourite reads this year as well – I did not see that plot twist coming. I read Me & White Supremacy with my book group, I hope you find it as eye opening and valuable as we did. Hope the rest of 2020 continues to be a great reading year for you too! 📚❤️ X

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