About the Blogger

~About Me~

Hey I’m Amy. I am a 30 year old book lover from Wales. I think it is obvious that the reason I have started this blog is because I absolutely love books! I spend way too much money on books, bookmarks and anything book related.

I have a bookstagram account so that I could share my love of books in picture form. I will read any genre but young adult, especially fantasy or dystopian, are my go to books. Although I have recently found a love for crime and thriller. I am really friendly, although admittedly slightly sarcastic. But I would love to talk to you guys so don’t be shy about messaging me.

~Review Policy~

I have to receive requests from Authors and publishers. However, I do have a few guidelines.

I will review young adult or new adult fiction. Within these genres I usually focus on dystopian, fantasy, contemporary, paranormal, apocalyptic, romance or any similar genres. I will also review crime, thriller and occasionally historical.

I will accept ARCs, already published novels and e-copies, although I would prefer physical copies if possible.

I have the right to turn down requests if I am not interested in the book. I also cannot guarantee that I will review your book. However, this would usually be because I was unable to finish the book. If this is the case I will give you notice and provide feedback. I will always review a book once I have finished it.

All reviews are posted to my blog and goodreads. If you want the review posted somewhere else this can be done on request.

Requests can be sent to bookstagram13@yahoo.co.uk

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