Should there be more f***ing swearing in YA?

****WARNING SWEARING AHEAD**** I hope you guys are ready for a ramble about my thoughts on swearing. Yes I am about discuss whether YA books should contain cursing. No I don’t mean Harry Potter Imperious cursing, I am talking about Fuck! Bitch! Twat! I think you catch my drift. In my last discussion post I… Continue reading Should there be more f***ing swearing in YA?

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Book Lovers Takeover

Here is my third Bookstagram Book Lovers Takeover. This is written by the amazing Megan! Her Bookstagram is gorgeous you definitely should go check it out. Her photos use lots of fun props that I am extremely jealous of.  So instead of letting me ramble let’s get to her guest post. In December 2015, I… Continue reading Book Lovers Takeover